Thoughts from Former LTT Fellows

“The relationship between the bi-co, UDS and Dalun is a very rare find. I feel like this relationship sets an example of relationships educational institutions should have with one another and other communities to rethink and challenge societal expectations. The beauty of every relationship is all parties being able to benefit from the connection which I believe this association accomplishes. The students from both the bi-co and UDS students learn ways to organize through cultural differences and community members of Dalun benefit from the programming designed by Dalun community members and other LTT members. My stay in Dalun has also showed me the impact this program has on community members whether it be Titagya students’ community centered way of learning or the shifting thought on beauty standards with internships like the Simli Radio station and Black is Beautiful, thinking together on ways to combat colorism.”

—Hawa Barry, BMC '22, 2019 Fellow

"From the start, Lagim Tehi Tuma has always been about widening, and, sometimes, shattering, the lens from which we view ourselves and others, and much of that work can only be done in continuing dialogue and actions around race, class, power, and community. I have had the privilege to play many roles in this project over the years and what keeps my heart invested is its unwavering commitment and desire to adapt to the needs and wants of all communities involved. To me, Lagim Tehi Tuma is not a summer trip, but an exemplary lifetime project of international community building."

Esteniolla Maitre, BMC '14, 2013 Fellow, Student Coordinator, Distance Coordinator, and Advisor

2020 Fellows

Ibrahim Z. Muta-Ali (UDS) — Titagya

Ameyaw Joycelin Emefa (UDS) — Titagya Schools

Lauren Lattimore (BMC '21) — Titagya Schools

Abubakar Salamatu (UDS) — Dalun ICT

Dunee Desmond (Zoe) — Dalun ICT

Lisa Adanye (BMC '23) — Dalun ICT

Laila Ali (BMC '23) — Dalun ICT

Salifu Memunatu (UDS) — Simli Radio

Monet Debose (BMC '21) — Simli Radio

Hayat Shibeshi (BMC '23) — Simli Radio

Mammie Barry (BMC '22) — Black is Beautiful Fellow

Mfayam Ishak (UDS) — Partnership Sustainability Fellow

2019 Fellows

Mammie Barry (BMC) – Black is Beautiful

Hawa Barry (BMC) –Titagya

Salam Naziru (UDS) – ICT

Tinodiwanashe Ngruve (BMC) – ICT

Tie Lydia (UDS) – Black is Beautiful

Rajaa-u Isaah (UDS) – Simli Radio

Addison Conn (HC) – Simli Radio

Mercedes Davis (HC) – Titagya

Osman Muphidatu (UDS) – Titagya

Boison Sandra (UDS) – Black is Beautiful

Sabea Evans – Graduate Coordinator & Research Fellow

2018 Fellows

Avery McNair (BMC)

Rihanna Oumer (BMC)

Maria Vivanco (BMC)

Ian Ogolla (HC)

Titi Bekele (BMC)

Mfayam Ishak (UDS)

Michelle Fleuriot (HC) – Graduate Coordinator & Research Fellow

2017 Fellows

Aisha Soumaro (BMC)

Carol Lee Diallo (HC)

Maurice Rippel (HC)

Nora Dell (BMC)

Sabea Evans (HC)

Addy Lorenzo (HC)

Michelle Fleuriot (BMC)

Molly Strange (BMC)

Samuel Darteson (UDS)

Benjamin Kumi (UDS)

Zulaiha Kamagtey Ali (UDS)

Mina (Wilhemina) Akrubiri (UDS)

2016 Fellows

Shu Min He (HC)

James Washington (HC)

Farida Ilboudo (BMC)

Anita Ntem (BMC)

Sierra Berkel (HC)

Ananya Kumar (BMC)

Tikah Nicholas (UDS)

Akanfewon Awonatelie Clemencia (UDS)

Abdulai Abdul-Samed (UDS)

2015 Fellows

Mohammed Alhassan (UDS)

Akua Fosual Appiah (UDS)

Iddi Farouk (UDS)

Isabella Nugent (BMC)

Mia Rybeck (HC)

Fatoumata Sylla (BMC)

2014 Fellows

Rebekah Adams (BMC)

Alizeh Ahmer (BMC)

Ariana Hall (BMC)

Brandon Alston (HC) – Bi-Co Community Coordinator

Katie Tsai (HC)

2013 Fellows

Esteniolla Harbor (BMC)

Emilyn Sosa (BMC)

Ava Cotlowitz (BMC)

Rebecca Cook (BMC)

Debbie Leter (HC)

Clara Kang (BMC)